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The 5 Best Pickleball Paddle For Spin [Reviewed in 2019]

You can take your love for pick paddle game to the next level with the best pickleball paddle, this summer. Well, for those who love the spend some good time enjoying their game with family or friends at the backyard of their home along the poolside, there is no match to paddle game.

Along with this, the paddle game is one of the most amazingly crafted games that can be innovated to meet your creative imaginations. You can innovate it to any level, set course to play or even through challenges for your friends to compete, it’s kind of best time pass and most enjoyable game.

So without boring you with more details, I have compiled a list of reviews products some of which I had used myself to write this review. So, hopefully, these pickleball paddle reviews would help you find the perfect fit for your game.

Best Pickleball Paddle Reviews 2019 – Top Rated Rackets

1. AMAREY Graphite Pickleball Racket

best pickleball paddleIf you are looking for a lightweight, highly durable and reliable pickleball paddle the. Your search ends here. The Graphite Racket with the honey-comb composite core is a perfect match of quality and performance at the best price. This Perfectly balanced piece of expertise in pickleball paddle is nothing less than a masterpiece. I bought this paddle racket after I read its reviews and glowing comments, and yes, I am still aww stuck with what an achievement I made by owning it.

Let’s not keep you waiting anymore, underlined are the highlighted features of this fantastic craftsmanship:

  • The superiority of material and design is the key to AMAREY products and its visible in this graphite paddle.
  • It’s comparatively much lighter than those wooden paddles. It weighs Just 8oz, but it’s neatly balanced and is excellent with the ball. Gives compelling shots and the ball comes very nicely on the racket.
  • The perfect design provides maneuverability, control, and power for a perfect game.
  • The Grip size is merely exemplary. Size of the handle than the circumference of the handle grip is very comfortable and does not burden your wrists or shoulders. The grip shape is so interestingly designed that when you change the hand, you still get a perfect hold.

In short, it’s an unbeatable product with unparalleled qualities that will mesmerize you. The best part of this pickleball paddle is its core that is made of a honeycombed polymer that imparts the paddle with a nice pop. Since this paddle is made up of graphite, it’s virtually unbreakable and dent resistant.

The paddle comes in an easy to carry cover, and edge guards are perfect for protecting the edges, keeping them nicely curved. All in all, a reflect racket for ideal gameplay.

2. Amazin’ Aces Pickleball Paddle Bundle 

best pickleball paddle for spinNow if you are a beginner, then you will require more than just a pickleball paddle right? So why not buy this great paddle that comes handy with two extremely power packed performing paddle, four balls, and one carrying bag. It’s that it is excellent! With this amazingly intelligent combo of graphite paddle and pickleball, you are inevitably going to give a kick start to your game.

Why I am doodling over this product will be evident when I will tell you its features, so here they are:

  • Made used superior technology these paddles provide high performance. The face of the paddle is made of responsive graphite while the core is a honeycombed polymer, imparting its excellent strength, superior performance, and skill.
  • The extended grip handle provided even better hold, along with the perfect grip size, it makes the best pickleball paddle for beginners.
  •  The paddles are ergonomically designed to render power and full control of your shots. Along with the edge guard, the paddle is sure to last longer. It is meant to provide you with the best playing experience with its quality and great design.
  • Weighing less than 8.6 oz, it’s another reason why you should own this. It’s light enough to make shots with one hand grip but strong enough to provide power to every chance you make.

With one year warranty, these products have a list of satisfied customers. The package comes with an excellent guide to pickleball paddle for beginners and which is why it’s just the perfect gift to your teenage kids or to give yourself new leisure.

3. Rally Graphite Power 2.0 Pickleball Paddle

best pickleball paddle reviewThe name is enough! Yes, as suggestive the name is so is the product, in delivering game improvement and power packed performance. Here is something very intriguing about this product, it comes with a 50” thick power core made of the polymer that imparts the paddle to play power shots against opponents.

After having hands-on experience on some of the best pickleball paddles, I found this one as the most game enhancing and improving paddle very thoughtfully designed for pickleball pros.

So here is what the paddle has to offer:

  •  The paddle has a large design that gives a large sweet spot, cloudless with graphite face, the paddle provides precision and control over every shot.
  • Having an idealistic grip side of 4.25” and a perforated grip cover with moisture control gives the paddle perfect handling, even during long hours of play.
  •  Being of an average weight of 8. 1oz, the is designed to be well balanced, responsive and powerful to give an optimum gaming experience
  •   Highly durable, robust and sturdy, is what defines paddle. With ergonomically designed edge guard and interlocking neck guard, the pickleball paddle is super durable and long lasting.

The Rally Graphite 2.0 comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturer, indicative of its superiority and performance. The manufacture pickleballcentral is a hallmark; they are worlds largest pickleball paddle manufacturers. As if this was not enough, they offer a 30 return policy, to all their customers.

So what are you waiting for grab your hands on this excellent paddle and start playing your game?

4. Gamma Sports Pickleball Paddles

Looking for a reliable name in pickleball paddle manufacturers then Gamma sports will undoubtedly serve your call. Made In the USA, the Gamma RZR paddle is USAPA approved and meets all their guidelines.

Made from 100% fibers, it weighs only 7.6 oz, which makes it superior in handling and performance.

Let’s see it’s highlighted features to make a better decision:

  • The paddle is made using the superior sensa core technology that provides enhanced touch imparting consistent control.
  • Comes with a 4” Gamma honeycombed cushion on the handle grip for extra comfort and better hold even in long play hours.
  • The RZR from Gamma sports has been designed with a Graphite textured face that gives it enhanced control and better performance.
  • The intelligent design provided it exceptional expertise to offer different strokes and makes it smooth with every ball that comes on it.
  • Undoubtedly accurate and smooth

The Gamma RZR comes with a one-year limited warranty. It’s very comfortable; the grip is perfectly balanced for all type of players.  The extra length of the paddle come to every handle when playing longer shots; While the handling allows proper control of the ball.

It’s a perfect gift for your loved one who loves playing the pickleball paddle game or even gift one to yourself and enjoy the rush of the game with an all new perspective. Strength, accuracy, speed, and control all in one, and that’s how Gamma RZR feels like!

5. Pickle-ball Inc. Vortex 2.0 Pickleball Paddle

best pickleball paddle for beginnersNow, this is called excellence beyond perfection! These technically advanced pickleball paddles are made from a very advanced aerospace material that renders it’s unparalleled.

Like other top-notch paddles, the vortex 2.0 comes with Nomex core and face top made of fiberglass that makes this paddle one of a kind and imparts its unmatched durability and ball control.

If you are not yet going crazy about this product, then read these features, and inevitably you will fall in love with this instantly.

  • Unlike the others, the vortex 2.0 comes with a more massive head that makes you feel every single shot with a predictable move.
  • It weighs around 8.2 oz making it very handy
  • The edge guards rubberized with overlapping protection to protect the edges from accidental drop and breakage
  • The contour cushioning on the grip provides a perfect handling experience while the moisture absorbing material of the handle makes it feel soft and anti-slip from hands while playing shots.
  • The ergonomic design with the use of latest technology makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor game

Approved by IFA and USAPA the paddle is confidently used in tournaments, while the XL size of the heads gives more significant margin for errors and more sweet spot.

It’s highly responsive and durable, while is UV resistant surface makes it perfect for big day tournament. Made in the USA, unmatched quality, uncompromising performance and an unbeatable price are the keys to owning Vortex 2.0.

So these were reviews of some of the top-rated pickleball paddles on the market. Now which one you are going to chose? Well, do not forget to tell me one that you liked the most by mentioning in the comment section below.

Buyers Guide to Picking Up a Pickleball Paddle

Well, for those who are new to the game or want to experience this excitement, you must buy a right pickleball paddle. Although I agree, given the number of options in the market, anyone can get confused which pickleball paddle Ito choose.

So here is an extensive guide on how to choose and buy the best pickleball paddle.

The weight of the paddle:  Although some may wonder why the weight of paddle matters when it’s just needed to swing the ball. But indeed that’s the very reason, you need to turn the ball with the paddle every time, and while you do so, your wrist has to handle all the weight. If the paddle racket is heavier, it will affect your wrist and elbow and shoulders in the long run. With every stroke, you would feel that weight. So you need to get a paddle that’s lighter but durable.

Grip size: You need to know that the grip of the handle matters a lot. Since, the pickleball paddle is not small as table tennis racket but not as big as a lawn tennis one either, so the grip has to be a perfect one. Without an ideal grip, you cannot hold the paddle for long or take shots with different wrist movements. You would end up throwing the paddle each time you would try to hit harder. On an average, a 4 inch to 4.5 inches of grip size is considered comfortable on your hands.

Size of the paddle: The pickleball paddles come in a variety of sizes, there is no set standard size of the paddle. So you need to be careful about picking up the right size. You must consider your height as well as your shot styles in such a scenario. Shorter people can buy a medium-sized paddle while taller people must prefer a longer paddle to be able to take shots.

Material: The material used in making the paddle is critical. Early gaming days saw the paddle made from wood but not you can find a variety of materials being used to make the paddle. Materials like polymer, aluminum or Nomex too are used with a covering material like graphite, fiberglass or carbon fiber to make paddles. Although the Graphite covered paddle gives harder shots while the carbon fiber provides more flexibility during shots. So you can choose according to your needs.

What Did I Pick!

Now, if I were to choose one among these, my vote will go with the Vortex 2.0. May maybe some of you would find it a good choice, but I own one of these and have had best gaming experience with this paddle. I love its grip size, it fits perfectly in my hand and let me make every single shot very balanced and precise. I can change hand in the middle of the game with this paddle and my I can manage to make shooting in the direction or angle I want. The power it gives to my shots makes me enjoy the game even more.

Well, I hope you like the compilation, and it may help you find the best pickleball paddle for yourself!  


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